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We are always buying new inventory. If you have any items for sale that you think we may be interested in, follow the steps below!

1.  Take  detailed  pictures  of your item(s) and e-mail them to        


2. Item(s)  will be reviewed and a response will be sent                     regarding:

          if we are interested, which items we are interested in              and our best offer on the item

     It will also include the address to ship the items to.

3. The items that we are interested in will be paId out via         paypal. Payments will be sent when the item is received            and reviewed by us.

4. After you ship your item, send us a picture of the                                   shipping receipt and your paypal address. You will                           then receive an e-mail from us confirming everything is           right. Followed by this will be the PayPal payout. 

5. Shipping  costs will be covered by us. the shipping costs            will be included in the payout.  Shipping costs willbe                       covered by us up to $50. Any amount over that you are                    responsible for, however we will still provide the $50 in     your payout.

*If any of the items recieved are not what they were in the pictures provided (ex: not authentic, stains or other flaws not pointed out, wrong size), we will send it back to you and the shipping costs will be deducted from your payout. 



When you receive an e-mail with the estimated payout amount. You will also see an offer in store credit. This amount will be higher than the cash payout. The purpose of this is to allow you to trade towards an item you'rE interested in

The process of sending items in remainS the same

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